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The Name Fourth Mountain

The Story Behind The Name

The name “Fourth Mountain” comes from the poem “Looking From Dahlonega,” written by Mildred W. Greear. It is one of our favorite poems because it expresses so very well the love we have for the mountains and valleys of this area. The poem appears in Mildred’s book of her collected works titled Moving Gone Dancing. Mildred lives and writes in Helen, GA.

Looking From Dahlonega

The fourth mountain
under the moon—
That one
counting straight down
from where light
Follow the drip
past silver splatter
on ocean of trees
gone blue,
down to darker
line, again
to the thin shadow,
barely distinct,
limned so scantily,
saying how narrow,
the valley it shields,
and the next one
just below—
Yes, you see it now—
the fourth one?
That’s home.
— Mildred White Greear